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The Advent Advantage Sales System

Premium End-to-End Digital Sales. Efficient. Profitable. Perfected.

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Dealer Benefits

The Most Advanced Sales System for Modern Dealerships


The only sales system your dealership needs.

Manage the entire deal from start to finish with accurate and correct interest rates, residuals, taxes, fees, and payment amounts presented to the customer at every stage.


A fully digital platform and
the future of car sales.

Quote and sell in one digital application, from real-time funding, e-contracting, and e-signing online or in the driveway, for the most elegant customer experience.


50% reduction in transaction times compared to the competition.

Capture every penny of profitability and save hundreds of dollars on every transaction in costly rewrites, wasted man hours, and long processing times.


White glove customer service support with 100% follow through.

Our dealer clients rarely need help, but if they do, our US based customer support team is here 24/7/365 to provide unmatched service for all your needs.


One set of consistent numbers for regulation compliance.

Our single source of data is exactly what you need to stay compliant with FTC proposed regulations for car dealership price advertising and F&I product disclosure.


Full integration into your existing systems and processes.

Advent Advantage seamlessly integrates with your dealership’s DMS, CRM, and key digital retailing partners, and all dealer, lender, state,and OEM documents.

Why Advent
Why Advent.png

Why Advent?

For over 35 years, Advent Resources has focused on one thing and one thing only: Refining and optimizing our core software to process car deals better than anyone else, for you. 

Our sophisticated yet simple calculator is used from the first interaction with the consumer all the way through to the signing ceremony and vehicle delivery,

We help you capture every penny of profitability and save every cent, in the most efficient way possible, while providing your customers with an elegant experience.

We've powered millions of transactions for some of the nation’s largest and most successful dealers and dealer groups who've never switched from Advent. We thread the needle between the immature “next big thing” and legacy brands that rest on their laurels. The systems you're using are broken, and you deserve better.


Watch the Advent Advantage
Sales System Video


Watch What Our Dealer Clients Say

Featuring Frank Mastrovito of Mastrovito Hyundai, Jim Angotti of Granite Subaru, and Jonathan Bryant of Mastrovito Hyundai.

Our Team

Our Team. Working Hard for You.

Ben Gill CEO Advent Resources_edited.jpg

Ben Gill

Chief Executive Officer

Vishal Ghelani CTO Advent Resources_edit

Vishal Ghelani

Chief Technology Officer

Adam Furlough, Advent Resources_edited.j
Samantha Furlough, Advent Resources_edit

Adam Furlough

Samantha Furlough

Head of Customer Success

VP, Sales & Delivery

Sam Gill, Advent Resources.jpg

Sam Gill

Chief Marketing Officer

Armando Vargas, Advent Resources_edited.jpg

Armando Vargas

Corporate Controller

John McNellis 1_edited_edited.jpg

John McNellis


Chief Operating Officer

Maribel Vargas, Advent Resources_edited.

Maribel Vargas

Human Resources Manager


Trusted by these valued clients.

Crowley Auto Group Advent Resources.png
Fletcher Jones Advent Resources.png
Hertz Advent Resources.png
Hoehn Family of Dealerships Advent Resources.png
McGovern Automotive Group Advent Resources.webp
Sixt Advent Resources.jpg
US Auto Trust Advent Resources.png
Unstoppable Automotive Group.png
Vroom Advent Resources.webp
Walters Auto Group Advent Resources.jpg
Wondries Advent Resources.png
Zamora Auto Advent Resources.png

Trusted by these valued partners.

700 Credit Advent Resources.png
Acura Advent Resources.png
Alfa Romeo Advent Resources.png
Audi Advent Resources.png
AVRS Advent Resources.png
BMW Advent Resources.png
BMW Financial Services Advent Resources.PNG
Buick Advent Resources.png
Cadillac Advent Resources.png
Carfax Advent Resources.jpg
Credit Bureau Connection Advent Resources.jpg
CDK Global Advent Resources.jpg
Chevrolet Advent Resources.jpg
Chrysler Advent Resources.png
Chrysler Capital Advent Resources.jpg
Cox Automotive Advent Resources.webp
CUDL Advent Resources.png
CVR Advent Resources.png
Darwin Automotive Advent Resources.jpg
Dealertrack Advent Resources.webp
Dodge Advent Resources.png
Edmunds Advent Resources.png
Experian Advent Resources.png
F&I Express Advent Resources.png
Ford Advent Resources.png
Ford Credit Advent Resources.png
GMC Advent Resources.png
GM Financial Advent Resources.png
Honda Advent Resources.png
Honda Financial Services Advent Resources.png
Hyundai Advent Resources.gif
Hyundai Finance Advent Resources.jpg
J.D. Power Advent Resources.png
Jeep Advent Resources.png
KeyTrak Advent Resources.webp
KIA Advent Resources.png
LawForms Advent Resources.png
Lexus Advent Resources.png
Lincoln Advent Resources.png
McGovern Automotive Group Advent Resources.webp
Mercedes Benz Advent Resources.png
MB Financial Services Advent Resources.jpg
Mercedes Benz Laguna Niguel Advent Resources.png
Mercedes Benz Manhattan Advent Resources.jpg
MINI Advent Resources.png
RAM Advent Resources.png
Route One Advent Resources.png
Sixt Advent Resources.jpg
Solera Title Tech Advent Resources.png
StoneEagle Advent Resources.png
Toyota Advent Resources.png
Toyota Financial Services Advent Resources.jpg
TrueCar Advent Resources.png
Twilio Advent Resources.png
vAuto Advent Resources.jpg
Vitu Advent Resources.png
Volkswagen Advent Resources.jpg
VW Financial Services Advent Resources.png


2421 W 7th St, Ste 200

Fort Worth, TX



(888) 9 - ADVENT




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Contact Support

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