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Vishal Ghelani CTO Advent Resources_edited.jpg

Vishal Ghelani

Chief Technology Officer


In this digital age, it’s rare to find an IT professional who has dedicated their entire career to optimizing, refining, iterating, and reiterating core products to perfection for one organization, versus jumping from technology company to technology company looking for the next big opportunity.


Vishal Ghelani is the exception to the rule.


Nearly 20 years ago, Vishal joined Advent Resources as a C Programmer and since that time, has grown with the company in various leadership roles to the position of Chief Technology Officer, in which he serves today.


After Vishal served as a C Programmer in his early years at Advent Resources, he advanced to the position of Senior Software Engineer where he dedicated the next five years to perfecting the company’s technology products for dealers and industry clients. 


In 2010, he was promoted to the position of Project Manager. In this role, he managed multiple development projects, spearheading the planning, architecture, documentation, and development of the company’s core CRM system for dealers across the U.S., as well as the company’s Hertz Dealer Direct product. What’s more, he collaborated closely with clients and systems integrators to ensure both unmatched product quality and seamless integrations with key dealer partners and systems. 


Vishal moved into the position of VP of Research and Development in 2015, an instrumental role in which he served to keep Advent ahead of the curve when it comes to cutting edge product development and design. In 2022, he advanced to the position of Chief Technology Officer, where he oversees Advent Advantage, the company’s core automotive sales system that helps dealers capture every penny of profitability in the most efficient way possible.


These past nearly two decades, Vishal’s work at Advent Resources has earned him a renowned design reputation in the automotive industry, particularly when it comes to databases and user interfaces, as well as product design and engineering that truly overcomes obstacles, solves problems, and advances the automotive industry forward. 

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