The Dealership CRM Revolution Is Coming!

We’ve come a long way in the dealership management software field over the last decade – but nowhere has the march of time been felt more than in the area of automotive CRM software. While the automotive dealership environment was an early adopter of CRM technology, and with dealership management software providers like Advent Resources developing ‘best practices’ on a continual basis, our industry has enjoyed continuous growth over the last three decades. Much of that growth can be directly attributed to CRM useage. But this is the year 2013 and like every facet of the dealership management software arena CRM best practices are changing, and dealership management’s focus must chnage along with it. This need for a new customer-centric approach was beautifully summed up by Bryan Pearson of Alliance Data Systems when he published an article lamenting the almost maniacal desire of management to focus their CRM efforts on data analytics instead of actual Customer Relationship Management. That is to say, the practice of reducing your customers to simple points of data….numbers…digits….graphs is over. Pearson wrote: “Instead of developing real relationships with our customers, we often reduced them to mere ones and zeroes… Today, the balance between art and science has teetered inexorably toward science as the true artistry we develop dwindles.