Welcome to the 21st Century DMS!

The Advent Resources DMS was created by dealership personnel FOR dealership personnel, so it works the way YOU do, not the way other vendors want you to work.  Our innovative dealer management platform has everything you need to be successful – from sales, service, accounting, parts to F&I and CRM – and each of the products is tightly integrated so that data only needs to be entered once and it is immediately accessible throughout the Advent platform.  Our streamlined workflow and common interface across each component, reduces your learning curve, maximizing productivity and ultimately the profitability of your dealership.

Our cloud-based DMS gives you:


Our dealer management platform does not require you to buy hardware, specific printers or work with a particular web browser.  And you never have to perform your own backups again.  Ever. We archive everything for you. Forever.


The Advent DMS provides a menu-based, customizable interface by user so you can define exactly the tabs, menu and favorites you want to see when you start the day.  You can even move columns around to fit your workflow.  The intuitive design compresses the learning curve so you can hit the ground running with minimal training.


Each component of the DMS is tightly integrated so you only have to enter data once, and it is available across the entire platform. And you can drill into any data point and navigate between applications. Not to mention our seamless integration with dozens of third-party vendors including Finance (ie. Route One, DealerTrack), DMS (all the usual suspects), OEMs, Telephony (ie. Who’s Calling, Call Source) keeps us connected across the marketing, sales, funding and insurance process.