NVIDIA unveils Tegra X1 chip and Mobile Computers in Cars For 2015

Nvidia has just revealed their new Tegra X1 mobile processor at their CES press conference on Sunday.  The Tegra X1 processor offers up to twice the performance of its predecessor, the K1.  However what really impressed was not its potential in the mobile gaming industry, but Nvidia’s vision on the future of the car industry with this new superchip.  They have aptly named their first new device the Drive CX “mobile cockpit computer”.  With a single Tegra X1 chip, they can run up to 4 HD displays at 16.6 megapixels.  This means the inside of future cars can be run entirely on displays, turning your car’s dash into what all sci-fi enthusiasts have always dreamed of, a spaceship-like interface that is not only visually stunning but easily customizable as well.  To demonstrate this, Nvidia showed off some examples of changing the visual appearance of a car’s virtual dashboard on the fly.

Nvidia also unveiled another device called the Drive PX “auto-pilot car computer”.  As the car industry is slowly trekking into the uncharted territory of self-driving vehicles, it is clear what Nvidiagoal is with this dual Tegra X1 computer.  The Drive PX was designed to track everything that is going on in and around your car, whether it be the cameras scanning for other vehicles and pedestrians, or the myriad of other devices inside the car.

Unfortunately, like any new technology, actual use of the Drive CX and DrivePX computers are still a long way off, mainly because cars still have to catch up.  However, the technology exists, and Nvidia has demonstrated the capabilities of their new Tegra X1 chips running in a working prototype.  Tesla Motors has already adopted the use of Nvidia’sTegra K1 chip in the large touchscreen computers in their electric cars.  It is only a matter of time before self-driving cars covered in vibrant touchscreens and cameras will become a standard in the auto industry.

For more information on the new Drive CX/PX computers:
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Calvin Liu