Seamless.  Simple. Real-time.  Advent.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines “integration” as: The state of combination or the process of combining into completeness and harmony.” We define “integration” as “the seamless transfer of information between our DMS and countless partners in the industry, ensuring consistency and accuracy of deal information in one integrated solution.”

The benefit of having so many partners in the industry is that your sales process will be streamlined and simplified – you don’t have to switch between vendors and platforms to get the data you need to work or close a deal.  Our platform does that for you with the help of our integration partners.

Credit. Exchange credit application, decision information, contract validation, and e-contracting with your captive and non-captive sources in real-time.
eContracts. Electronically transfer transaction information into leading e-contracting solutions.
Lenders. Exchange current rates, financing and decision information with lending partners.
Insurance. Exchange information with insurance partners simplifying the process.
F&I Express. Integration with F&I Express simplifies the point-of-sale aftermarket process by submitting relevant deal information electronically to the third party vendors.
OEMs. Submit vehicle data for used car valuation and analytics.
DMV. Automate the transfer of registration information.