See what Steve Jobs said about innovation and product development in today’s tech world.

Advent is a product company. Over the last 26 years we have invented, designed, built and support many unique and innovative products. The point Mr. Jobs is making is that unless you are vigilant about staying a product company you will lose the edge that makes you what you are and for that matter got you where you are. The net result is we want to remember that, innovation, technology leadership and quality products and services are what have made Advent a company which punches well above our weight.

Our design methodology is what we have defined as business process engineering. In order for a technology to be successful and useful in a business application environment it must solve problems and support successful business practices. Work flow, accuracy and reliability matter! The basic design principles of system architecture matter! Functionality matters!

We take the approach that the foundational decisions about application design, database functionality and coding tools are decisions that will either support your efforts through a long product life or they will prevent you and your audience from accomplishing the goal of provisioning software to support a business process for a financially viable time line. Our method starts with months to years of analysis around a given business process, examining the details of what the technology needs to accomplish to solve existing problems and support the business process in a better way. Our product managers, application architects, support managers and Installation managers all have input as to the final design. We engage the business owners, in this case our clients, to seek feedback about our direction and the ultimate design of the applications. We build consensus with all stakeholders in order to come to market with products that are highly functional, highly reliable and intuitive to use. Then, once the product is delivered, we cycle back and challenge ourselves to enhance it and make it better.

Modern tooling and thoughtful design gives us the ability to move and enhance the applications at a rate unknown in the past. Again, this is a result of the right design decisions which are made before the software exists.

We dedicate a part of our Research and development budget to challenge our teams to think outside the box, to attempt zero-based thinking as it relates to our chosen vertical market, to come up with new products and innovative approaches to problems, to enhance our user’s experience with our software.

Bottom Line: We are a product Company! We live to build high value software applications using our domain expertise in the automotive vertical and to provide solutions for our valued clients.