F & I

Higher Profits.  Smarter Choices.  Advent.

How much time does it take your sales department today to calculate the sale or lease of a vehicle that is both embraced by your customers AND maximizes your profit potential?  If you answered “too much”, then you’ve come to the right place!

Our Sale Control platform is legendary in the industry – includes both Desking, F&I to handle leasing and purchase calculations quickly and accurately, with a click of a button.   We help you choose the financing scenario that works best for you and your customer by quickly calculating leasing or financing terms, down payments, warranties, insurance, taxes, add-ons, and trade-in payoffs.  The platform also offers a vehicle roll feature that automatically retrieves vehicles from your inventory based on sales price and monthly payment.

As with each of our products, this module is tightly integrated with everything else we do, so that data only needs to be entered once and it is immediately available throughout the system.  Highlights include:

Super desk.

Download current interest rates from multiple lending institutions so that you can present multiple lending options to your client.

Fast Lease.

Automatically “tiers” your leasing deal for you, giving you the rates and residuals based on the customer’s credit score.


This feature provides detailed financing and payment tools that presents up to 25 deals at a time.  Let’s you redirect customer focus on the payment, not the price.


Who doesn’t love options?  Create completely customized packages that can include extended warranties, accessories, service plans and more for your customers with just a few key strokes and only enter the data once.  Really.