Not all DMS’s are created equal.  You may already know that if you have used other common solutions that have been on the market for decades.  Systems that are taped and patched beyond usability.

We have been around for 25 years, but you won’t find any duct tape or gorilla glue on our new state-of-the-art DMS. We started from the ground up, using modern development tools and an open source architecture that allows us to be extremely responsive to our customer’s requests, allowing us to quickly customize our products to fit the way you work.

How it Works

The Advent Resources DMS was created by dealership personnel FOR dealership personnel, so it works the way YOU do, not the way other vendors want you to work.  Our innovative dealer management platform has everything you need to be successful – from Accounting, Service, Parts and CRM to Desking and F&I.  Each of the products is tightly integrated so that data only needs to be entered once and it is immediately accessible throughout the Advent platform.  Our streamlined workflow and common interface across each component reduces your learning curve, maximizing productivity and ultimately the profitability of your dealership.

  • User configurable home page and dashboard
  • Menu-driven, Windows-like interface in a browser
  • Drill into data anywhere to find source documents or see data as it flows through the system
  • Printer,  hardware, device and browser-independent
  • All forms and reports are created in .PDF format so they can be easily emailed or printed on almost any printer, or exported to Excel.
  • Customize the interface for your own personal work flow.  Sort or filter columns with a single click.
  • Hosted in our secure cloud environment so you never have to run another back-up or update, run out of disk space, or buy another server again.
  • All documents are automatically archived and stored forever.
  • Scanning feature lets you scan documents that have signatures or data added after the initial archive.  Scan – then archive, print, and email external documents not created by the system.
  • Capture signatures to ROs and parts tickets and email them to customers instead of printing customer copies.