DMS Software Architecture…. And Why It Matters


Like building anything that is intended to last, constructing a DMS Software Platform  begins with the basic ‘framework’ around  which  that DMS software will be built.

Consider the framework of your house as an example. This framework constitutes  the structural strength onto which the rest of your home is built. A roof is added, walls, doors, windows and paint  complete the picture. Your home’s strength is not based upon which siding you use or which windows are installed or how heavy your entry door  is – it all comes down to the underlying framework supporting those other elements .


For the purposes of this discussion –  the terms ‘Framework’ and ‘Architecture’ are interchangeable .

Your house is built of wood. During the  mid 1960’s and late 1970’s the world saw the Pick  and Unix  language coming into prominence – and they were used world-wide  in a variety of industries .

That was 50 years ago. Today, the few remaining  examples of Pick and Unix  are found in the Dealership Management Software arena…. you might be using them this very minute – and they’re 50 years old !

In the ‘Old Days’ houses were framed with wood. That’s all that made sense because that’s all that was available. Wood rot, Termites, fire damage, water damage …. It all came with the territory.

Today you can frame your home with steel as long as you’re building a new home from the ground up. Your current home’s framework cannot be updated for obvious reasons …. The house is already built !


Advent Resources’ house is built of steel.  After 26 years in the franchise dealership vertical, Advent Resources saw clearly where our industry was falling (way!) behind the software industry as a whole – in terms of  current, stable and universally accepted operating systems. Advent wasn’t looking for the latest cutting edge solution or the latest craze in software architecture. Advent Resources chose the most robust architecture that had already been proven  and is currently used by Google, Amazon, Netflix, Gmail and Intel to name but a very few. These organizations demand  reliability…. and so does Advent Resources Inc.

Advent began from the ground-up using  the Open Stack  Cloud Computing  platform to deliver true SaaS to our clients. With our programming written in ‘C’ and utilizing SQL  OBDC relational databases for lightening speed – you’re presented with a DMS software system that is created as one single system, developed in-house by Advent Resources Inc.  software engineers. One system, created under one roof by one company.

This means every application you use within your DMS system  – is in essence part of a single system.

Desking, F&I, CRM, Accounting, Parts and Service function as a single linear software application. While all of the “Big Players” are using a multitude of Emmulators that allow one software application to communicate with a different software application – Advent Resources Inc. requires none of this because all applications “speak the same language” and all applications were developed by the same software engineering team. If your current DMS supplier can make such claims… KEEP THEM .


Advent Resources Inc. is a product development company. We don’t buy other ‘cool’ software applications and “integrate” them into  our overall platform. We build those ‘cool’ applications in-house – and they work as advertised because of it .