Capture.  Convert.  Retain.  Advent.

The Advent CRM replaces sticky notes, paper desk calendars and fallible human memory with an automated, results-driven system that makes interactions with prospects and customers more timely, more impactful, and ultimately more profitable.  From inquiry to close – and at every customer touch point in between – the Advent CRM delivers the process support you need to capture, manage, convert and retain customers.

The Advent CRM is tightly integrated with our Sale Control and Vehicle Management platform so that data need only be entered once and it is immediately available throughout the platform.  Some of the key features of our CRM include:

  • Captures “ups” from multiple sources including:  driver’s license scans, telephone leads, internet lead sources, manufacturers and manual data entry.
  • Create sales and service campaigns and activities that can be set up for automated or manual processing.
  • Internet lead management helps you capture, assign, track and manage leads as they flow through your dealership.
  • The management platform helps you manage all of your team’s activities. Create daily work plans for each sales person and track their individual progress toward goals. You can even drill into specific tasks to see how they are handling their leads by channel.
  • Our full menu of reports help you monitor and manage all customer activity in real-time.  Create daily traffic logs (includes showroom, Internet and phone ups), daily appointment reports, daily deals and call history logs.
Welcome to the Advent of Better Customer Relationships!