Cloud Computing – Now an Essential Business Tool – Not an Optional One?

Cloud Computing .  Advent Resources  Inc. deploy’s our software and IT support via  ‘The Cloud’ and we’ve been on this cutting edge longer than anyone in our vertical.  We’ve been sold on the benefits of Cloud Computing for years – and our clients are in absolute agreement !

This got us thinking ….

What’s the current status of Cloud adoption with small to medium size business’s currently and what are the trends going forward ?

The answer astounded us !  As Advent Resources Inc.  has been toiling away perfecting SAAS (Software As A Service ) to our client-base  , small to medium size business’s worldwide have been jumping on the bandwagon in staggering proportions.

Referencing a recent article from CBEYOND ,  describing Cloud Computing trends both worldwide and the U.S. specifically , we gleaned some fascinating  insight into the current status of SAAS .

It has now become clear that Cloud Computing , after delivering on it’s initial promise of greater flexibility , stability and economy , has emerged as an essential business tool – not an optional technology .


Traditionally ,  a dealership was forced into the Legacy category : Software installed on-site , hardware installed on-site , IT commitments on-site…. everything located under the Dealership’s own rooftop .

Cloud Computing has shifted this responsibility from the business owner ( on-site ) to the Cloud ( off-site ) , relieving Dealerships of the responsibility and expense of Software licensing , Software upgrade expense , hardware expense and the added IT infrastructure traditionally associated with legacy systems.

It’s not just Advent Resources Inc. clients that are benefiting . Netflix , Spotify , Amazon , Gmail and many more  currently have entire platforms based upon Cloud Computing .  Most of us spend some time in the Cloud every day and don’t even realize it.  It’s seamless and dead reliable……it’s not an option any longer .


If you don’t have SAAS/Cloud Computing …you don’t have this.  With Cloud based service a Dealership pays only for the amount of service they actually need – not what they anticipate they might need .  This eliminates the conundrum of over-investing in software and hardware you might not need.

Just opened a new store ?  Recently sold a store ?  The ease and flexibility of Software As A Service will save time and money – every time .

Secure Data

As reported by CBEYOND – There are several reasons why the Cloud is more secure than Legacy computing solutions .  For one , Cloud vendors have a tremendous incentive to ensure that their clients don’t experience data breaches .  After all , if such an incident were to occur , that service provider will see it’s reputation tarnished.  To this end  , Cloud Computing providers employ dedicated teams of Security Experts who’s sole responsibility is to ensure the Cloud cannot be breached.

Today’s data is far more secure than data traditionally stored on the Dealerships’ own server . Additionally , the flexibility and outsourced nature of Cloud Computing means far less risk of downtime during IT upgrades , power outages and software/hardware  changeovers .

Cloud Trends and Car Dealerships

According to the latest figures by International Data Corporation ( IDC ) – spending on Cloud Services will increase 25% in 2014 , while Forrester Research projects that the global  Cloud market will surpass $ 100 billion by 2020.

While Cloud adoption is surging in virtually every market , small and medium size firms have proven particularly eager to embrace the Cloud.  For example , a recent Spiceworks survey found that 61% of participating businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees are now using Cloud Computing and SAAS . with an additional 5% planning to deploy within the next six months.

Among American firms , the same survey found that 64% are currently using Cloud Computing – ahead of the global curve. sums it up perfectly here:

Cloud computing has the potential to revolutionize virtually any business’s operations. And soon , it will become such a standard that any firm that lacks Cloud solutions will struggle to compete in it’s given sector. Already some industry experts view the Cloud as a basic business tool , just as crucial as Internet connectivity and telecommunications. Only by embracing this technology can an organization remain sufficiently productive and flexible to thrive in today’s ever-evolving markets.