The Industry Is Ready for E-Contracting

Connectivity experts say that if dealers, lenders, product providers and lawmakers get on board, industry wide adoption of econtracting could soon be a reality. Since the year 2000, the prognosticators have been saying it’s just a matter of time before e’ contracting  will be adopted by F&I departments nation wide. More than a decade later […]
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DMS 2014 (… And beyond!) = Consumer Demand Forcing DMS Technology to Accommodate a Fully Online Sales Process

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your dealer management system or considering a new provider, you must look at your current system’s functionality, support and cost, then compare it to the other systems on the market. Relative to functionality, your analysis is typically based on your sales process, and that’s where most dealers stop. Very few ask themselves […]
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The Dealership CRM Revolution Is Coming!

We’ve come a long way in the dealership management software field over the last decade – but nowhere has the march of time been felt more than in the area of automotive CRM software. While the automotive dealership environment was an early adopter of CRM technology, and with dealership management software providers like Advent Resources developing ‘best practices’ on a continual basis, our industry has […]
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