Advent Resources Inc. – It’s Our 25th Anniversary! We Made It!

Advent was incorporated on August 8th 1988, Bill Tanaka and Ysidro were the original founders and shareholders at that time.I came along in 1996 after many years of heavy lifting by Ysidro and Bill.  Over the years Ysidro and I bought Bill’s shares and we believe that now he is smiling down upon us all from heaven as he passed a couple of years ago.  Bill was an automotive CPA who had a vision of a new and different database application which in the 80’s did not exist.  This was quite visionary on his part and to accomplish this he hired a young whipper snapper computer science student from the University of Southern Mississippi a couple of years before the company was formed.  You guessed it, that young fella was our very own Ysidro Salinas.  Ysidro, with Bill providing the financial support, worked for a couple of years before Advent was formed to perfect a design and develop the software to a point where they both felt it was ready for a pilot dealer.  At the time Bill was the controller of Don Kott Ford and he spoke to him about becoming a pilot for this new F&I and Vehicles system.  Mr. Kott told Ysidro and Bill  that if they wanted to build usable software, Ysidro should understand the car business job roles and therefore agreed to be a pilot if Ysidro would work the roles.  So, Ysidro, the computer scientist,  became a car salesperson, an F&I Person, and an accounting person so that he would understand the daily grind in a retail environment.  By the way, Don Kott was the biggest Ford dealer in the country then, so things were hopping all of the time.  Ysidro tells stories of how agile development really started.  He would code all night, get screamed at by users all day, then code all night again to fix the problems. Sound familiar?  Heat, says Ysidro was the great motivator and the beginning of the theory of agile development.