Advent DMS Add’s Even MORE Functionality For the Service Department – Release # 6.12.02

  • The new Dashboard for Advent DMS Service module with enhanced parameters was introduced. “Open RO Advisors” dashboard allows tracking productivity by selected Department or Advisor with Drill-Down search capability by specific departments. “Closed RO Advisors” dashboard reviews financial results for a selected time period by Advisor, with Drill-Down search capability by specific Department and Sale Type. (FT#171981)
  • New KWIK menu section for Oil Change was added in Advent DMS Service module.
  • The Complaint and Cause codes for Global Warranty Management claim entries were updated. (FT#177776)
  • Generate PDF printing option is now supported when running schedules in Advent DMS Accounting. (FT#177632)
  • New Batch PDF Transaction Detail report was introduced in Accounting GL Transactions & Summary as a way to run selected schedules and journal at the same time. (FT#176479)
  • The description field for Maintenance Categories in Service module was expanded to allow for up to 500 characters. (FT#175028)
  • The “No History” option was added to Repair Order Parts Screen and Counter Ticket Parts window. (FT#154643 & FT#177599)
  • A Customer Black List has been implemented in Advent DMS. When Service Customer flag is set to “No” in Customer Accounts Receivable record then Service Department users are prevented from writing up a Repair Order. The warning message alerts that existing restriction needs to be resolved by the supervisor. (FT#171970)
  • Customer request for new Open Cash Drawer functionality based on the user security access privileges has been implemented for Cashiering, Repair Order and Counter Ticket Transfer screens. Open Cash Drawer button on the Cashiering, Repair Order and Counter Ticket Transfer screens was added. (FT#175328 & FT#175607)
  • Auto populate “Advisor” name field when writing the Repair Order from the original Appointment in Service Schedule is now an optional feature based on the system override default configuration. (FT#176893)
  • Parts Kit configuration menu was introduced. It provides a listing of parts required for specific repairs used over and over again.